Capital Campaign

Be a part of Kingman History by donating to our capital campaign!  Benefits for donation are as follows, with each level including the benefits of the previous one.  Levels can be accrued with multiple donations given over the course of the capital campaign.

  1. $50  Commemorative tee-shirt.
  2. $100  Commemorative insulated mug.
  3. $500  Name engraved on the back of a theater seat.  Invitation to VIP Grand Opening Party.
  4. $1000  Two tickets to a show in the finished theater with priority seating*.  Includes invitation to the VIP reception party for that production.
  5. $2500  Name engraved on artistic feature installed in the lobby.
  6. $5000  Two season passes to the first complete season in the finished theater.  Includes priority seating and invitations to opening night reception parties.
  7. $10,000  Name engraved on a small bronze star installed in the cement at the theater entrance.
  8. $25,000  Upgrade to a large bronze star.

*Priority seating includes reserved seating for select theatrical shows.

The Beale Street Theater Renovation Project will be broken into six phases.  A summary of these is listed below.  Bids and quotes for costs are currently being worked out.

Phase I:  Stabilization

  • Reroof the entire building including new roof drains and leaders.
  • Repair or replace roof decking and roof supports if needed.
  • Add structural support under locations of proposed new mechanical units.
  • Existing exterior doors to be removed and replaced with hollow metal or aluminum doors and frames as appropriate for each location.
  • Existing windows will be repaired or replaced. Windows missing from original locations will be recreated to match the original.

Phase II:  Main Entrance

  • Existing main entrance and north wall adjacent to the lobby will be removed.
  • A new beam will be installed across the new opening.
  • New marquee, ticket office and entrance doors will be installed.
  • Existing electrical service will be maintained to provide power to new entrance lighting for security and safety.
  • New concrete will be poured at the main entrance and sidewalk. (Engraved bronze stars will be installed with names of supporters donating $10,000 or more).

Phase III:  Marquee and Neon Sign

  • New 800A 120/208 volt, three phase service will be installed.
  • Electrical runs for marquee, neon signs and exterior lighting will be installed.
  • Neon sign will be fabricated and installed.

Phase IV:  Interior Lobby

  • Existing cast concrete columns beneath the mezzanine level will be removed.  This will require a temporary support to be installed until a new beam is installed across the lobby to support the mezzanine.
  • Old restrooms in the lobby and small closet spaces will be demolished.
  • The concrete slab in the lobby will be removed and re-poured.
  • New stairs to the mezzanine will be installed.

Phase V:  Side Store Area, Building Systems and Paint

  • Interior walls and plumbing in the Third Street retail area will be demolished.
  • Floor level in the same area will be prepared for new construction.
  • Installation of interior electrical will be done throughout the building.
  • New mechanical units will be installed throughout with associated ducted supplies and returns.
  • New fire sprinkler systems installed.
  • New interior partitions, plumbing and fixtures will be installed.
  • Damage to existing walls and ceilings that remain will be repaired.
  • Interior and exterior painting.

Phase VI:  Theatrical Equipment

  • Existing seating end panels will be sent to a reproduction firm to make new end panels that match the originals.
  • All new seating will be installed.
  • New acoustic wall treatment.
  • New curtains and backdrop.
  • New theatrical lighting, projection and production equipment.